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Contractual Parties:
This agreement is made between Shelter For Life International (SFL) hereinafter called the Client , located at House 113, Street 10, E-7, Islamabad , a duly registered US non profit organization, doing humanitarian work in Pakistan .
Shan Construction Company, Islamabad hereinafter referred to as the Contractor , located at Appt. # 1, 1 st Floor, Rahmat Centre, I/8 Markaz, Islamabad , a duly registered company in Pakistan .

Contractual Matter: This is an Agreed Fixed Price Per Building Turn Key construction contract which includes, site preparation, complete construction of a fully functional facility as planned, specified and scheduled, complete with landscaping, access and services required as per the Technical Specifications, Drawings, and Bills of Quantities provided.

S. No. Name of School
1 GGPS, Changari
2 GGPS, Devli
3 GGPS, Richari
4 GMPS, Akhori Bessaan
5 GMPS, Channar Kot
6 GMPS, Banda Sachan
7 GPS, Bella Jabar
8 GPS, Changari
9 GPS, Nokot
10 GPS, Neral Ban
11 GPS, Paddra
12 GPS, Richari

Description of Works:

The work to be performed under this Agreement is the construction of twelve schools in Siren Valley of District Mansehra at the following locations:

The details of these schools are already given vide the tender document filled in by M/s. Shan Construction Company, Islamabad (Annex A).

Article 1 - Agreement

The Client entrusts this work/project to the Contractor who accepts and agrees to the obligation with due diligence and professionalism to complete all construction work and contracted installations, with their own labor, materials and equipment, according to the design, technical specifications, standards and bill of quantities provided, all work must be completed within the timeframe indicated in Annex B.

  Article 2 - Construction Documents

The agreed works should conform to the technical regulations and standards for civil construction and best practices used in Pakistan . The construction documents of the main project including Bill of Quantities, Specifications Drawings, and timeline are the integral basis of this project and will form an integral part of this contract.

Article 3 - Value of the Contract

The total value of this contract is based upon a set number of facilities to be constructed by the Contractor as outlined in this contract. The total number of facilities to be constructed may increase or decrease based upon the following criteria:

•  The Client may increase or decrease in the number of facilities to be constructed.

•  The Client's future evaluation of the Contractor's job performance on those facilities under construction in this contract, including but not limited to site mobilization and beginning of work.

•  Security issues arising in the Province and the suspension of the proposed facilities by SFL , the relevant Ministry, ERRA, donor or the Contractor .

Based upon the above and other considerations, the total number of facilities to be constructed by the Contractor under this Agreement may change. Only those facilities mentioned in this agreement for which the Contractor has received a Notice to Proceed from the Client, will be included in determining the actual, total contract value.

Upon the issuance of a facility specific “Notice to Proceed” by the Client to the Contractor , the Contractor can commence works and invoice Client for the Advance Payment equal to 20% of the total facility cost against a Bank/Insurance Guarantee and subsequent Progress Payments as outlined in this Agreement.

he following costs are inclusive of Security, Transport, Provision of materials, Labor, Machinery, Equipment and all other such tools connected with the construction and required for the timely completion of the project.


Jack Hammer Smashing its way through hard rock Wateen Longhual Project, Sukkur - 2006

Box Culverts in DHA Karachi area with a most prominent land mark of Village Restaurant in the background

The company is listed as contractors with the following organizations.

  • Pakistan Telecom Corporation
  • National Telecom Corporation Ltd.
  • National Highway Authority
  • Kestral Logistic
  • I.J.M Gulf Limited
  • Zhongxing Telecom Pak. Ltd. (ZTE)
  • Huawei Technologies Limited
  • National Logistic Cell
  • China Harbour (Pvt) Limited
  • E.R.R.A
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